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PT Kansai Paint Indonesia
Since 1999 Best Automotive Paint Supplier in Indonesia. Credibility Contribution to Society Customer Satisfaction

Automotive Industrial Paint

Automotive coatings are classified as coatings for new cars, motorcycles, or their parts used by automobile, motorcycle, or their parts manufacturers and as automobile refinish paints used in auto body shops. For the paints for new cars, motorcycles, or their parts, please go to our web pages below. For the refinishing paints or other application paints, please go to the web pages of PT Kansai Prakarsa Coatings.

Other Paint

Other Paint

Having a beautiful residential is everyone's dream. As a pioneer in its field, KANSAI PAINT constantly innovate through superior products to realize the dream of everyone owning a home that is not only beautiful, but also comfortable.

Other Paint
Industrial & Others

Superior products KANSAI PAINT created not only to beautify, but provide long-term protection for each investment of your physical building, ranging from buildings, houses, bridges, production facilities such as factories, tanks, etc.

Other Paint
Automotive Refinish

As one of the leading paint manufacturer in Japan and Asia, Kansai Paint also provides special finishing coat paint for vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, and the like. In the course of Kansai Paint has developed a finishing coat of paint water-based environmentally friendly ...