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ISO 45001:2018 PT. Kansai Paint Indonesia

As a form of our commitment in implementing the occupational health and safety management system.

On March 12, 2021, PT. Kansai Paint Indonesia has been registered by Intertek as a company that meets the requirements of ISO 45001:2018 which applies to the design and manufacture of paints for automotive.

For those of you who do not understand, what is ISO 45001:2018 ?

ISO 45001:2018 is a part of a management system used to set of interrelated or interacting elements of an organization to establish occupational health and safety policies, objectives, and processes to achieve those objectives. ISO 45001:2018 brings occupational health and safety management and continual improvement into the heart of an organization. This standard is an opportunity for organizations to align their strategic direction with their OH&S management system. In addition, there is an increased focus on improving occupational health and safety performance. PT. Kansai Paint Indonesia is also certified for SMK3 based on Indonesian Government Regulation Number 50 of 2012 for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems in 2018. Our success in obtaining ISO 45001:2018 and SMK3 certificates certainly cannot be separated from the participation of all parties working in PT. Kansai Paint Indonesia.